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The downward development in worklessness rates was even more marked for children living in lone mother or father households than for all those in couple households . Worklessness rates varied by region, with children resident in London being the most likely to reside in a workless home and those in the South East being the least likely to reside in a workless home . Children resident in Internal London were nearly doubly likely to live in a workless household as those in Outer London . There have been 3.01 million workless households in spring 2004 . There have been 4.25 million working-age people surviving in workless households .. 3.01 million workless households in the united kingdom in spring 2004 Labour Force Survey estimates for spring 2004 display that the proportion of children living in working-age households without adult in work was 16.1 percent, down 0.1 %age factors from the previous year and down 1.9 %age factors from five years earlier.Reporting in the New England Journal of Medicine online Nov. 26, experts at nine medical centers say the quicker, 64-CT scans were 93 % as specific as invasive, conventional imaging, better referred to as cardiac catheterization and practically completely accurate in detecting people with at least one artery dangerously clogged by the buildup of cholesterol and plaque. Assessment of CT and catheterization results also demonstrated for the first time that they were equally useful in individuals with heart attack symptoms, such as for example chest pain and shortness of breath, for predicting the necessity for cardiac bypass medical procedures or angioplasty to revive their blood flow.