Acacia increases infusion pump technology patent portfolio Acacia Research Corporation announced that a subsidiary has acquired patents associated with infusion pump technology from a significant medical device firm. Acacia is quickly expanding its presence as a leader in patent licensing for both technology and medical technology sectors. .‘You can basically tell, within minutes, set up antibiotic is working,’ said Kinnunen. In the near future, ‘we expect you’ll be able to help make the determination actually quicker,’ said graduate college student Irene Sinn, the paper’s other lead author. ‘That is something we are actively working on.’ The device can also be utilized for monitoring the medication and growth susceptibility of other types of cells, stated Kinnunen. ‘The sensor is quite sensitive to small adjustments in growth, which means this method can be put on any applications in the microscale or nanoscale where there are little changes in size.