48 percent of family doctors want freedom to have relationship with patients By Dr Ananya Mandal.

The poll of 282 doctors, carried out by Gps navigation’ magazine Pulse, implies that General Medical Council recommendations do not fit with the attitudes of practitioners. When asked whether they would support a doctor’s relationship with a patient, so long as the individual moved practices, only 28 percent said they would not, with half saying that they would nearly. Although nearly all GPs said they believed a doctor ought not really to have sex along with his own patient, 16 per cent thought that this will be acceptable.This kind of surgery needs a complete large amount of after care. Exactly why is it needed? Well, there could be various factors why you’ll want to undergo a cosmetic surgery. You may have disfigured yourself due to an accident or simply want to change the complete look of yours. Could be you are not satisfied with the blunt nasal area you have or possibly you imagine you have an excessive amount of flesh on your cheeks. All these factors could be taken care of using cosmetic medical procedures. There are numerous celebrities, who’ve undergone cosmetic surgery only to modification their looks or to change certain top features of their body. Whatever the good reason might be, cosmetic surgery is an extremely complex process and a slight error could leave a life time scar mark on your own face or that component of your body which is being treated.