A common language for healthcare IT needed I would say soda and you may say pop.

Nearly 80 % of the tests were seldom administered. Because so few exams are routinely administered, locating a common language won’t be as hard as we had assumed. We’ll only have to look at the David Letterman Top 10, since it were, no infinite number of checks, said study co-writer JT Finnell, M.D., a Regenstrief study scientist and associate professor of emergency medicine at the IU School of Medicine. More than ten years ago, the Regenstrief Institute developed and now maintains and updates the Logical Observation Identifiers Brands and Codes data source, a universal standard for identifying laboratory and various other clinical observations to cope with this problem. Mapping local test titles to a common language like LOINC provides a bridge over the many islands of wellness data that currently exist.Please be aware that news media must RSVP. Co-sponsored by AAAS and the Georgetown University System on Research in the general public Interest, another two events in the Science & Culture series will include the following presenters and topics: Nov. 1: Topic: Arriving at the Table on Meals Safety Experts: Sarah Vogel, Johnson Family Base Christopher Borgert, University of Florida, GainesvilleHost: Jon Hamilton, National Public Radio Nov. 15: Topic: Environment and Energy Plan in the brand new Congress Experts: Jon Krosnick, Stanford University Robert Simon, Senate Committee on Energy and Organic Assets David Conover, Bipartisan Policy CenterHost: Richard Harris, NPR.

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