A discomfort in the back: difficult patient.

Drug-seeking behaviour can be a distraction from underlying physical and psychological problems, with serious outcomes for patients sometimes, as illustrated by the next case.. A discomfort in the back: difficult patient, difficult diagnosis This is actually the first in some articles highlighting common medicolegal issues in general practice. Written by the promises and advocacy team at medical defence organisation Avant, the series is based on actual cases, with some information changed for privacy.The blockbuster antibody is due to go off-patent in 2016, and several shareholders are worried the ongoing organization is too reliant on Humira sales. This is especially worrisome for the company given that Pfizer appears poised to apply for regulatory approval before the end of the year for its own rheumatoid arthritis pill, tofacitinib. Healthcare investors are much more comfortable with a diverse product portfolio, and the brand new medical products business gives them many attractive options other than pharmaceuticals, he says.