A forward thinking team approach is vital to providing excellent patient care.

‘Group Think’ describes a new Clinical Academic Partnership Preceptorship program in which nurse preceptors are paired with just a few students for the duration of their scientific rotation. Shadowing one nurse during the day for a whole course allows the learners to see the full picture of nursing practice, and ‘there is no substitute for that degree of attention’ students get in the CAPP program, says Pamela Jeffries, DNS, RN, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. Nurses, nursing students, and patients tell the story of that day within their own words.. 2010 issue of Johns Hopkins Nursing explores new collaborative opportunities When it comes to healthcare, a forward thinking team approach is vital to providing excellent patient care, advancing research, and educating future healthcare providers.The authors conclude that clinicians should be aware of the factors that may predispose sufferers to a diminishing glycemic response whenever choosing a treatment regimen so that they can carefully monitor and promptly progress therapy when glycemic goals are not being achieved or preserved. In addition, the knowledge of these factors allows earlier patients who would benefit from, more intense therapy to be recognized and treated eventually in the progression of their disease. Full text offered by.. Acuity Brands announces acquisition of Health care Lighting Acuity Brands, Inc. today announced it has acquired for cash Fairview, PA-based Healthcare Light, Inc., a leading provider of specialized, high-performance light products for healthcare services.