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You surely would like to zero in on a spa in Bangalore where you can visit in future as well. This will only happen when you are still left with a satisfactory first-time experience here. What kind of solutions do these spas give you? Only learning a neat and clean and well-maintained spa shall not do. Make sure you are studying the kind of services offered by these spas–so that you can determine if the particular spa you’ve chosen is providing everything a tired body and an exhausted mind need.Secondary end points are the incidence of PET scan positivity or negativity after three cycles of ABVD, overall survival period and reason behind death, and type and incidence of second cancers. Results Patients From 2003 through August 2010 October, a total of 602 patients were signed up for the trial at 94 centers in the United Kingdom. The median age group was 34 years , 321 patients were man, and 200 patients had stage IA disease. PET Scans After three cycles of ABVD, 571 patients underwent PET scanning . Central overview of the locally acquired pictures showed a PET score of 1 1 in 301 sufferers , a score of 2 in 125 patients , a score of 3 in 90 patients , a score of 4 in 32 sufferers , and a score of 5 in 23 patients .