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Broadcast Coverage Several shipments to the start of enrollment this week reported in the Medicare Prescription Drug benefit:APM Marketplace Money : the segment includes an interview with Uwe Reinhardt, a health economist at Princeton University (Ryssdal, Marketplace Money, the complete segment is available online in RealPlayer.

NYT Examines Benefit In related news, the New York Times on Sunday examined issues related to the new drug benefit, including to register the current confusion at seniors looking for. According to the Times, ‘Confusion was a dominant theme in education and counseling sessions in the last two weeks ‘in a number of countries (Pear, New York Times.Treat stenosisaortic valves the regulate the blood flow from the heart to the aorta are susceptible is typically with age and the onset of cardiovascular disease to stenosis and insufficiency . Aortic results in poor quality of the life and a high rate from died, about 50 per cent, into the first two or three years following diagnosis without surgical intervention. Approximately 300,000 Americans suffer severe aortic stenosis. Least 30 % of these patients operates not aortic valve replacement due to advanced age, left ventricular dysfunction, and the presence of several concomitant diseases.