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Source:.BG Medicine Announces New Publication on Prognostic value of galectin-3 in heart failure patientsBG Medicine, a life sciences company , development and commercialization, development and commercialization of novel diagnostics, announced the publication* of a study on the predictive value of plasma galectin -3 levels in heart failure patients with reduced ejection fraction and received.

The hospital is a recognized leader in oncology, cardiovascular disease and surgery, minimally invasive surgery, Orthopedics, women’s health and emergency medicine, all of which offer the diagnostic state-of – the-art imaging features and the hospital is a Joint Commission Designated Primary Stroke Center.

51.2 per cent Community Hospital Doctor Lead Author on important new Statin StudyAlexander Kulik, a cardiovascular surgeon and endovascular specialist at Boca Raton Community Hospital, the primary author was in a peer-reviewed paper detailing the first large-scale study of statins and its effects on atrial fibrillation. Kulik and his colleagues published by the Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, their results in the 15 June issue of the American Journal of Cardiology..In cooperation biologist and computer specialists developed software called a EEL , the genomic sequence investigated regions where many transcription factors bind DNA side. Found in the same region at high frequency of transcription factors in several species indicates organ-specific expression member regulate gene expression. The researchers demonstrated that. The predicted regulatory elements the direct organ-specific expression a marker gene in transgenic mice New type of experimental and numerical methods activates genome-wide analysis of regulatory elements in different ways..

This for a couple of reasons. Agents will many self treating depressed. Q: What is the relationship between depression and substance abuse in children / adolescents?. The research that contributed to the article Outi Hallikas, Kimmo Palin, Natalia Sinjushina, Reetta Rautiainen, Juha Partanen, Esko Ukkonen and Jussi Taipale. The work has been 6th on the Academy of Finland, the BioSapiens project network of excellence and of the Regulatory Genomics Specific Targeted Research Project of the European Union Framework Programme, Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation, BioCentrum in Helsinki, University of Helsinki, Sigrid Juselius Foundation and the Finnish Cancer Res Organizations supported.

Answer: There being without question of is a relationship between depression and substance abuse among children and adolescents, more frequently in young.