A molecular assay for identification of two common transmitted diseases sexually.

In every, Abbott is sponsoring 29 scientific posters reporting on brand-new clinical diagnostics research in areas such as cardiovascular disease or cardiac treatment, transplant, renal cancer and disease; three scientific market workshops; and 15 main stage presentations at the Abbott exhibit booth . ‘Abbott is focused on improving patient care by providing innovative solutions for our laboratory customers and the individuals and physicians they serve,’ stated Brian Blaser, senior vice president, Diagnostics, Abbott. ‘ At this full year, we will feature our most recent assays and systems that offer solutions to meet up with the demanding requirements of healthcare organizations by improving operational performance, clinical outcomes, and physician, patient, and laboratory satisfaction.’ Abbott AACC Highlights Developments in HIV Testing Foster Early Detection: Last month, the FDA authorized Abbott’s ARCHITECT HIV Antigen/Antibody Combo Assay, a first-of-its-kind brand-new HIV diagnostic tool.Genetic analyses allows the development and validation of another generation of targeted therapies for clinical evaluation to improve patient result. Daqing Wu, PhD at Emory Universitv will research the crucial role of the protein survivin and the molecular system for regulation of survivin expression in invasive prostate cancer cells. Results should provide a company basis for the rational design of novel drugs specifically targeting prostate tumor bone metastasis. Dr. David M. Weinstock at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute will recognize genes with irregular DNA involved with blood cancers each year. Although tested protocols can be found, few EDs use them and patients remain in needless pain.