A Technology of Body.

Many thousands of years ago smart saints and men explored nature and the cosmos in their meditations. They uncovered the laws and regulations of the materials and spiritual realms and obtained an insight into the connections within the universe. They investigated the cosmic laws and regulations, the statutory laws and regulations of character and the elements, life on earth and the powers and energies at work in the universe – both in the external world aswell as on a spiritual level. The unity of matter and energy, the origin of the universe and the consequences of the elementary powers have already been described and explained in the Vedas.The on-line CDME training, developed by Dr also. Hartenbaum, contains the same materials as the in-person teaching. On-line training includes pre-reading materials, a series of 9 webinars, and post-reading materials. August 23 The first webinar will be offered.. A step-by-step instruction to removing large metals from the physical body using chlorella Along with radiation poisoning, heavy metal toxicity is one of the most pressing health issues of our period. Our environment is absolutely saturated with mercury, aluminum, lead and various other metals that constantly enter our bodies through the food we consume, the skies we pollute and countless other ways.