A Temple for peace and spiritual renewal in this stressful world In todays challenging occasions.

The American Spiritual Identification Survey, released earlier this year, reviews that 34 million Americans claim no religious beliefs – up from 14 million in 1990. This category today outranks the mixed total of all the non-Christian religious groups. (.. A Temple for peace and spiritual renewal in this stressful world In today’s challenging occasions, Ankhasha’s Temple of the Western Gate is here now to aid the people within their personal spiritual growth and development.19 in the journal Neurology.

111 charged in medicare scams worth $225M MIAMI – Federal government authorities charged more than 100 doctors, nurses and physical therapists in nine towns with Medicare fraud Thursday, part of an enormous nationwide bust that snared more suspects than any various other in history. More than 700 police brokers fanned out to arrest 111 people accused of illegally billing Medicare more than $225 million. The arrests are the latest in a string of major busts in the past two years as authorities have struggled to pare the fraud that’s thought to cost the federal government between $60 billion and $90 billion every year. Stopping Medicare’s spending budget from hemorrhaging that cash will be key to spending money on President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul.