About HUMIRAIn addition to its approval for chronic plaque psoriasis.

About HUMIRAIn addition to its approval for chronic plaque psoriasis, HUMIRA is approved by the FDA for reducing signs and symptoms, inducing major clinical response, the progression of joint structural damage and improving physical function in adult patients admitted with moderately to severely active RA. Indicated for reducing signs for reducing the signs and symptoms of active arthritis. Inhibiting the progression of structural damage and improving physical function in patients with psoriatic arthritis HUMIRA resembles antibodies normally found in the body. It works by blocking tumor necrosis factor-alpha , an inflammatory protein, when produced in excess, plays a key role in the inflammatory responses of some autoimmune diseases.

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Shall simultaneously In April 2007, Abbott a supplemental Biologics License Application with the FDA and a Type II Variation to the European Medicines Agency filed for approval for marketing HUMIRA as a treatment for chronic plaque psoriasis.J Mol Diagn 2013, 12: doi: 10.2353/jmoldx. This study was? by the Danish Cancer Society, which Neye Foundation, Henny Sophia Clausen and furniture architect Axel Clausen Foundation, Lily Benthine Lund Foundation, Dagmar Marshall ‘ Foundation, of Reg. M Creator Foundation for the Promotion medical science, which Toyota Foundation and supports which Copenhagen County University Hospital Foundation.. Notes: Serizawa RR, Ralfki r D, Hansen AB, Steven K., Guldberg P: Custom MLPA with several short of synthetic sensors: application to methylating analyzing five promoters CpG islands? in tumor and urinary samples of patients with bladder cancers.

Non-invasive diagnosis specifically multiplexing ligation dependent sonde amplication (MS – MLPA of screening used to screen a plurality of target sequence one single reaction a single reaction , allowing for fast screening of tumor markers. Are made commercially available, however, MS – MLPA kits of many diseases do not available, and individual special designing of issues of the chemical synthesis was more nucleotides limited. Scientific teams of Dr. Per Guldberg the Danish Cancer Society that test this to test test by using a plurality short synthetic probes for tumor markers for bladder cancer. And found that paired cancer and urine specimens in most instances showed identical marker pattern which indicates that that assay non-invasive diagnosis and surveillance of illness can be used.