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About the Richard D. Frisbee III FoundationAbout the authorChristine Frisbee, the third of twelve children, has always been interested in sibling relationships pharmacy article . She and her husband have five children. After her second child died of leukemia in 1989 , she worked at the Yale School of Medicine with families who were looking for an unrelated donor bone marrow transplantation. Her experience and work inspired her to write this book. She has children and professionals in many companies on the impact that childhood illness within the family has interviewed. Christinene attended Columbia School of Social Work and holds an MBA from the University of Connecticut. She was chairman of the Richard D. Frisbee III Foundation since it was founded in 1990. Christine and her husband Rick live in New York City.

Christine Frisbee, whose young son died of leukemia kingdoms in 1989 was inspired by the strength of their four other children during such a difficult time. She asked them each to share stories about what it was like for her have terminally ill brother to write. Their resistance is the inspiration for the book every day. Frisbee began stories of children all over the country who had a seriously ill brother to collect and asked them of of hope and faith. The stories were then compiled so that children, parents and caregivers can learn from their experience. They are angels sent to us for knowledge, you are innocent and honest through the eyes of children , we can see there is no distortion, by listening to the children we learn what we need to hear as soon as we hear we must be responsive to every child the chance healthy manner healthy way is. By the children , the strength we often find our own strength. We must not shy away from discussion or stay away from the reality of what is happening. Christine Frisbee.

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