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And Swedish study populations despite divergent diet programs among the two groupings, Mucci says. Among U.S. Women, the largest source of dietary acrylamide is usually French fries, within the Swedish women, the largest source is coffee. Mucci added, Although we found no significant association between acrylamide in the diet and increased risk for breast cancer among the study participants, it is quite vital that you stress the importance of consuming a healthy diet that includes foods lower in saturated and trans fat, unlike French fries and potato chips. Mucci cited several possible explanations for the different findings in human beings and animals.Desk 1 and Figure 1B show the tumors with somatic R132 mutations. No additional somatic mutations of IDH1 in the rest of the IDH1 exons of R132-adverse tumors were within all WHO quality I to quality III astrocytomas and oligodendrogliomas, in all secondary glioblastomas, and in 96 primary glioblastomas. We also sought alterations in other genes with features similar to those of IDH1 in tumors without IDH1 mutations. For this purpose, we analyzed the IDH2 gene, which encodes the only human protein homologous to IDH1 that uses NADP+ as an electron acceptor.