ACP disappointed simply by cloture vote in S.

ACP disappointed simply by cloture vote in S. 1776; says repeal of SGR is necessary The American University of Physicians, representing 129,000 internal medicine physicians and medical student members, is gravely disappointed by the failure of the cloture vote today in the U.S sildenafil canada . Senate on S. 1776, the Medicare Physician Fairness Action of 2009. We commend Senator Debbie Stabenow , the bill’s principal sponsor, for her diligent efforts to persuade her colleagues to support this long-overdue legislation to sunset the flawed SGR formula and end the routine of annual Medicare cuts that threaten seniors’ usage of physician services.

The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments in the event on March 4. ‘ACP has long supported policy attempts to extend medical health insurance coverage to all or any as well as providing tax credits to make insurance more affordable,’ stated David A. Fleming, MD, MS, MACP, ACP's president. ‘A decision by the Supreme Court to overturn the subsidies in most the states would do grave injury to the patients looked after by internists and additional clinicians on leading lines of medical care delivery.’ The amicus brief was submitted with respect to a coalition of doctors, nurses, and community health centers who deliver treatment to the millions of patients who rely on the ACA's high quality subsidies to access affordable care.