Adrenomedullin plays a crucial role in preventing preeclampsia In a report using mice.

Related StoriesResearchers develop accurate method to predict postpartum diabetesStudy: Visceral fat in early pregnancy can increase threat of gestational diabetesHSS researchers help identify lupus individuals at increased risk of problem pregnancies Preeclampsia affects roughly one in fifteen pregnancies. An important characteristic of the condition is that blood vessels in the placenta neglect to enlarge, or dilate, to support increased blood circulation to the fetus. Untreated, it could threaten the full life of both mom and baby. We really don't understand that a pregnant woman is going to get preeclampsia until she’s it, said Caron. As the condition has many risk elements and causes, it's problematic for doctors to know which patients are in highest risk. Identifying molecules that could predict preeclampsia will be really important.But the UNC researchers said their data shows that increased prevalence could be the primary element driving those increases in service make use of and costs. That’s as the proportion of people in NEW YORK who sought health care for chronic low back pain rose only moderately between 1992 and 2006 , and the average number of visits to all or any providers remained similar. The paper notes that until now, studies examining trends in the prevalence of persistent low back discomfort have already been severely lacking. Discerning whether the prevalence of the condition is increasing and adding to the increase in the use of health care services is essential for developing strategies to consist of costs and improve treatment, Freburger said.