Aerocrine net sales lower 1 percent to SEK 41.

Product sales of NIOX refill and MINO tests in america for clinical use have shown positive growth, up 86 percent weighed against 2010. Sales for development and research use, primarily to the pharmaceutical industry, are developing well also. Furthermore to recognized sales, the company comes with an order value totalling SEK 9 approximately. 5 million to pharma ongoing companies which is recognized as income following deliveries. The American Thoracic Culture, ATS, provides communicated that it will publish official suggestions for the usage of FENO in routine scientific practice through the third quarter this season. We think that positive clinical recommendations from an internationally recognized society such as the ATS are a significant help generate accelerated sales development and positive reimbursement decisions both in america and in international marketplaces.There are more bacteria cells in your body at this time than human cells, and we’re encircled by infections, fungi and various other germs. The whole notion of vaccinating against one particular strain that may someday, possibly, perhaps cause a problem in case you have sex is medical nonsense simply. But vaccinating young boys is an actually dumber idea. It’s so stupid that I can’t find what to even explain how low on the IQ chart these drug marketing ‘experts’ must be to create this one. They need to think the open public is so gullible that they can just constitute any sex-related story and use it to market drugs.