Aging And Hair: Tips To Tackle Them Worried about ageing of hair?

* * Use cool water for the last rinse to seal cuticles. It also gives extra shine to hair. * Avoid combing hair when wet, as they tend to break more. Locks will be the weakest when wet. * Make use of blow dryers only sometimes when you are in a rush. * For healthy drying of locks, wrap your mind with a towel for a while. This will absorb extra water from hair. Then, let your strands air dry. When they are damp slightly, you can comb them and style them as you want. For details on Keranique products, Keranique customer support officials can help you. They may even give you useful hair care guidelines.. Aging And Hair: Tips To Tackle Them Worried about ageing of hair? Well, it really is true that hair tend to age too, like skin just.The researchers discovered that these women may be at risk for preeclampsia and various other pregnancy complications. Preeclampsia will occur in the next or third trimester of being pregnant. Symptoms can include high blood pressure, headaches, blurry eyesight or abdominal pain, the experts said. If the problem is severe, premature delivery may be necessary, they explained. The investigators analyzed the medical records of 140 women that are pregnant, typical age 29, with headache who were referred for a neurological consultation at Montefiore Health System’s Jack D. Weiler Hospital in New York City over a five-year period. Most of the women were dark or Hispanic. Women who had large blood pressure and experienced a severe headache were 17 times much more likely to experience pregnancy complications, while having no history of headaches raised the chance fivefold, the study found.