Allergy double whammy hits some U.

This material is probably not published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.. Allergy double whammy hits some U.S. Cities In regards to a third of Americans live in areas where allergies could possibly be made worse by a combination of high ozone levels and ragweed pollen, according to a new report. The top metropolitan areas with this allergy-inducing combo – – dubbed in the report as the Sneeziest and Wheeziest cities – – consist of Richmond, Virginia; Memphis, Tennessee; Oklahoma City; Philadelphia; Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Chicago, based on the survey from the Natural Resources Defense Council , an environmental advocacy group based in NY. The report is among the first to recognize the areas which have both high ozone levels and ragweed pollen.When you’re as well stressed for too long, your adrenal glands suffer, and in turn, your body suffers since it isn’t receiving sufficient amounts of hormones needed to keep you feeling well and energized. Whenever your glands are carrying out at a subpar level, you may be diagnosed with fatigue, at other occasions called chronic fatigue syndrome. A few of the symptoms of the condition may include: * Body aches * Great exhaustion despite sufficient hours of rest * Nervousness * An inability to believe clearly * Sleep disturbances * Digestive problems * Low immune function * Lack of stamina * Sensitivity to scorching or cold * Continuously feeling overwhelmed * Emotions of depression Adrenal fatigue is normally just diagnosed when these symptoms cannot be medically explained in any other way, thus it isn’t a medically accepted analysis.