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Dr Dixon concluded: We are all manufacturers of health is not just the responsibilities of the Directors of Public Health or health coaches we now have mainstream support in the psyche of every health professional and member of the public and them. Allow to achieve better health and finance prepared and assist those who are on the front edge. Only then will we health health and more in the future overcome the inequalities that look more in the future in a cold economic climate.

2) innovation must be encouraged. Promising initiatives should be encouraged, provided they carefully examined and, if not inexpensive to be found, can be set. What works in Bristol, -ognor Regis probably different, and we must at the forefront of physicians and their populations to liberate to co-create health in a way that suits their community.This center is continued to institutions, School of Healthscience and Swansea University consolidating the leader in chronic illness and long-term disease. Long-term a professor Cert Phillips, Head of Institute to Health Research at Swansea University, said:’The development of research center is an important focus for developing an evidence-based foundation for policy initiatives and programs with regard to the management of the is based long-term chronic illnesses all over Wales and beyond. The time ensure that Swansea a major player in that which has become an important and challenging research area against the backdrop of increase of resources pressure and an aging population..

The Welsh Assembly Government has accompany chronic disorder Owners a top priority has stressed the need has highlighted the need for research to define that works in relation to the management of the conditions of and the impact on individuals and communities approved. Long-term and chronic disease the center to focus clearly on research priorities of the Welsh Government and patient representative namely that of namely that of Prevention and Health Promotion have stressed, diagnosis, treatment, management and the promotion of self results in improvements in care; to mainly take advantage the Welsh communion.