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An MRI and x-ray of the knee have been performed, which were normal in appearance . He was referred to a rheumatologist subsequently, who organized x-rays of the hip and bone scans . Based on these findings, the individual was described an orthopaedic surgeon urgently.. An adolescent with knee pain This case highlights the importance of checking the hip when a skeletally immature patient presents with knee pain. Case presentation History and examination A 15-year-old boy wearing a knee guard offered a five-month history of remaining knee pain and an associated limp.Sickle-formed cells don’t move easily through arteries. The clumps of sickle cells block blood flow in the arteries that result in the limbs and organs. Blocked blood vessels could cause pain, serious attacks, and organ damage. It can be sometimes life threatening. Commonest complications encountered are: 1. Sickle crises – painful abdominal emergencies because of blockage of blood vessels to abdominal viscera. 2. Anaemia – red bloodstream cells are easily destroyed and their life span is reduced leading to anaemia.