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About Alzheimer ‘s DiseaseAlzheimer’s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that is the most common cause of dementia in the aging population. An estimated 26.6 million people worldwide had Alzheimer in 2006. From peripheral blood.ed to quadruple by 2050 to more than 100 million, 1 in 85 people worldwide live with the disease . In France alone, 000 people or 18 percent of people over 75 years old who have Alzheimer’s disease .

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About EHT 0202EHT 0202 has a new mechanism of action in comparison to existing Alzheimer drugs: it stimulates the-secretase? whereby the production of the neuroprotective and procognitive sAPP? Fragment of APP . Since the stimulation of the?-Secretase pathway is to the detriment of A? Amyloid peptide production, EHT 0202 potentially reduces toxic A? Plaque formation .

Pando M, Marcade M, Peillon H, Rayer A, Drouin D, Desire L. An alpha-secretase stimulator connected drug for cognitive disorders with neurodegeneration./ Chicago Sun-Times.. Reg. / Chicago Sun-Times Examines Blagojevich Executive Orders the Reg. / Chicago Sun-Times executive orders Wednesday investigated Blagojevich on different topics including a that, requesting that pharmacists offer emergency contraception have – may be prevent pregnancy up to 72 hours up to 72 hours after the intercourse – and one in that said means research into embryonic stem cells. Several Democrats and the Republicans law Blagojevich tells for granting executive orders as a way of the lawmaking process and the public debate controversial issues, which Reg. / Chicago Sun-Times criticizing to avoid.

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Solved Fifty years after the first laser is a technological revolution, the ‘Light Fantastic ‘continues affect people’s daily lives – and out of the playback of DVDs, speeding up Internet calls by passing complicated surgery.