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Even though the deaths of ladies who had taken the abortion pill Mifeprex has not been linked to the medication, U.S. Health officials are under pressure from conservatives to take Mifeprex or RU-486 off the market. Since the controversial drug was authorized five years ago, six women who took the tablet have died however the Food and Medication Administration has not attributed their deaths to the medication. Many U Nevertheless.S. Lawmakers and anti-abortion groupings are calling for it’s withdrawal.Tennessee’s Bureau of TennCare and Division of Health also approved the study. The scholarly study was funded by grants from federal agencies, which had no role in study reporting or conduct. Cohort Matched for Propensity Rating To assess residual confounding by elements associated with the use of antipsychotic drugs, we performed a secondary analysis, using propensity scores20 to recognize a nonuser control group with a similar psychiatric-disease profile. This matched cohort excluded users of antipsychotic drugs who had a analysis of schizophrenia or related psychosis in the 730 days before the first day time of follow-up, since treatment with antipsychotic drugs is the standard of care for these conditions.