And unlike chemotherapy.

And unlike chemotherapy, Liu the light activated drug produces a natural cell death, which breaks the cancerous tissue in the prostate gland for normal absorption of dead cells by the patient’s body. Statistics show that one in six Canadian men require prostate cancer treatment. In his award-winning thesis Liu also discussed the patient’s fallout surgical removal of the prostate. The surgical procedure can leave patients incontinent and impotent. ‘The high cost of surgery and the hospital stay can be avoided with photodynamic therapy,’he says.

Liu says the combination of drug treatment and the fiber – optic system could one day replace the long-standing prostate cancer treatments alternatives, chemotherapy or surgery. ‘Our prostate cancer drug patient, but patient, but only begins killing cells when activated or turned on by laser light which is guided through tiny fiber optic cables, patient’s inserted into the patient’s prostate ‘said Liu. ‘This leads to cancer treatment right to the prostate, unlike chemotherapy ‘ of whole body. ‘.A few patient representatives say that the volunteers would telling he or she longer out of one partner into the trials. This way is growing support and was finally able the manner things are done.

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