Announced that the first open heart failure patients has been dosed in the Phase Ib.

– We are delighted that dosing in this important in this important dose – escalation study of CD-NP in patients with heart failure, said Peter Strumph, Chief Executive Officer of Nile. CD-NP has unmet medical need fill a large unmet medical need in the treatment of heart failure. This study gives us the first opportunity to to assess the activity of the drug in patients with heart failure and our understanding our understanding of the molecule mechanism of action. .. Nile Therapeutics Announces Initiation of the Heart Failure Patient in Phase Ib Study of CD-NPNile Therapeutics, , announced that the first open heart failure patients has been dosed in the Phase Ib, multi – center,-label, ascending dose clinical trial of the company’s lead compound, a novel chimeric natriuretic peptide in development for the treatment of acute decompensated heart failure.

About CD-NPto create CD – NP is a rationally designed synthetic peptide selected from naturally occurring components natriuretic peptide, a novel, NPR-B agonist which pharmacological profile pharmacological profile with potent renal enhancement and cardiac combines unloading properties, but minimal hypotensive effects. Data from recently completed Phase Nils Ia study in 22 healthy volunteers was consistent with several pre-clinical results, including CD-NP increased plasma cGMP, a secondary messenger of the target receptor, preserved renal function was associated, increased natriuresis and diuresis with no effect on mean arterial pressure. In the U.S.* The experiment a variety of therapies or combinations therapies may be required and so his facilitation – see on which therapies for the Task Force found evidence of benefits. * seasoned experienced neck pain, it can come back or to stay persistent.