Arsenic in your chicken: Guess who defended its use?

You see, arsenic routinely fed to poultry, because it enhances the growth of chickens and makes the meat an appetizing shade of pink . Of course, arsenic could eventually kill the hapless chicken but not as a rule must occur before the slaughterhouse. All arsenic compounds are known carcinogens and mutagens. About 9 out of 10 broiler chickens in the United States have been fed arsenic, according to a 2014 industry estimate. According to Dr. Michael Greger, the NIH and the USDA Food Safety Inspection Service, there is ‘alarmingly high arsenic contamination in the meat of broiler chickens, ‘greater than the EPA maximum limit for arsenic in water by 6-9 times.

– Other ‘stuff’in the feathers from chickens can be found:.. If you know what ‘s good for you, you will find a source of organic chicken. USDA standards do not allow arsenic in organic chicken feed.Sources for this article:About the Author:Craig Stellpflug a cancer specialist specialist, Lifestyle Coach and Neuro Development Consultant at Healing Pathways Medical Clinic in Scottsdale, at 17 years of clinical experience in working with both brain diseases and ,, Craig first hand seen the devastating effects of vaccines and drugs to the human body and has the conclusion that a natural lifestyle and natural remedies are the true answers to the health and living life came.

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– May 17-22, 2008 by Joseph Presti, presented at Jahrestagung der American Urological Association . Orange County Convention Centre – Orlando, Florida. To download the latest Urologist Press Releases from the UroToday accessing.