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Upon closer exam, they found that the mitochondria in these flies were defective, simply as in Parkinson’s individuals. When the flies received vitamin K2, the energy creation in their mitochondria was restored and the bugs’ capability to fly improved. The researchers were also in a position to determine that the energy production was restored as the vitamin K2 acquired improved electron transportation in the mitochondria. Bottom line Vitamin K2 plays a role in the energy creation of defective mitochondria. Because defective mitochondria are also within Parkinson’s individuals with a PINK1 or Parkin mutation, vitamin K2 potentially offers expect a new treatment for Parkinson’s..For the 90-day treatment, involving taking a pill once-daily, it costs patients $94,500 – – a lot more than $1,000 per pill. It appears that, when Big Pharma actually manages to build up a drug that works well and has the potential to save lots of many lives, there is an exorbitant price tag to go along with it always. And this new medication, called Harvoni, appears to have tremendous potential not only for curing hep C totally but also in doing this without many of the uncomfortable side effects associated with existing treatments.