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And investigate in advance of Little ‘ nano-machines in our bodies – improve A discovery by Canada-US biophysicists the understanding of ion channels, similar to small nano – machines or ‘ nano-valves in our bodies when they can cause malfunctions genetic diseases, attack muscles, the central nervous system and the heart.

The size of these small valves about a million the pupil the pupil of the human eye. This new technology allows scientists to measure a single ion channel at the time, and to investigate better understanding of the parts inside the ion channels communicate. The research team Rikard Rikard Blunck, a professor from the University – ? de Montr? al Department of Physics, student Hugo McGuire and her colleagues at the University of Chicago, Francisco Bezanilla and H. Clark Hyde. ‘Our discovery will contribute to the fundamental understanding of ion channels.The meaning adult adult storage cells from the marrow or peripheral blood can pause to circulation for for several decades and hold down the patient well, While new naive T cells from the thymus not be produced.

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