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About the technologythe Novalis Tx platform incorporates two complementary imaging systems that work together to improve treatment accuracy by doctors treated areas to target improve. ‘s ETX room-based X-ray imaging system provides real-time imaging and fine-tuning of a robotic couch that moves in six dimensions, cone-beame that targeted targeted lesion with the treatment beam is aligned during the treatment. The OB cone-beam CT imaging system quickly generates a high-quality 3-D image of the target lesion and the surrounding tissue, so that clinicians can see the exact location and shape of the tumor, fine-tune the patient’s position, and make sure that the internal anatomy is not moved or changed prior to treatment ed disease . The platform complementary imaging tools make it possible to track movements during the treatment can be specifically adjusted when the patient shifts by a few millimeters, says Dow Wilson, president of Varian’s Oncology Systems business. The Novalis Tx platform can also synchronize a treatment with the patient to compensate for normal breathing pattern of movement when. Treatment in or near the lungs.

With Novalis Tx, we can radiosurgery, compliant compliant to carry out as if we are shrinking the tumor with radiation, says Gordon Ray, Chairman, Department of Radiation Oncology at Palo Alto Medical Foundation, the Novalis Tx purchased and to to launch a radiosurgery program later this year. tiny lesions in able to tiny lesions in the spine as well as targets to treat move with respiration. Although we could make this sort of work with other technologies, image guided that too too. .

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