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On Wednesday, the Senate approved the $700 billion bailout of Wall Street companies that included mental health parity legislation. The legislation would require group wellness plans of 51 or even more workers to cover mental ailments at the same level as physical ailments. It generally does not need the programs to offer such coverage but must be equivalent if they do. The mental wellness provisions were added to the larger package as a way of enticing House users who voted against the previous bailout measure but support parity legislation . The Mental Wellness Liaison Group, which represents mental health parity advocacy groups, urged a lot more than 200 affiliated organizations and their users to call the 51 House users . Time, Prospects Based on the AP/St.I believe that they have great potential to tackle some of the long term problems facing the medical workforce in Scotland. ‘Medication has historically been the domain of the middle classes and it is essential that people encourage diversity among applicants to your medical schools. Around half of applicants to Scottish medical institutions come from outwith Scotland, and 50 percent of those who graduate leave Scotland to work elsewhere.