Designed specifically for used in chemical and process sectors.

‘We have a reputation for being able to design flexible hose solutions that are beyond the anticipations of our clients,’ Aflex Hose Ltd, a UK based company, was established a lot more than 30 years ago and pioneered the concept of PTFE lined versatile hoses for the transfer of process fluids in pharmaceutical and chemical substance plants. Since then, the business has been committed to an application of continuous development and improvement, resulting in the most technically competent and advanced hose range available today.Her focus will be nutrition . He’ll write about striking the proper balance between meals and good-for-you that’s good, with regards to nutrition at the job From Jan. 15 to Jan. 31, users who visit and tweet the announcement listed you will see entered to gain a $500 gift card. To learn more, visit 7 percent of elementary school children infected with T. Tonsurans: Pediatrics Approximately 7 % of elementary school children over the bi-state, Kansas City metropolitan area are infected with the fungus Trichophyton tonsurans , the leading cause of ringworm in the U.S., according to a fresh study published today in Pediatrics.