Dominique Bussereay.

Dominique Bussereay, French Farm Minister, he says as hit affected placed in the protection zone, after they had found the first infected duck.

The problem is, we need we the virus before we create the vaccine. We do not know what will look a new mutated virus – so we can not begin the vaccine to the mutant virus emerged.. The H5N1 virus strain is extremely virulent. It spreads through the lungs, infecting them at ten times the speed of an ordinary flu virus.About 180 people have been infected with bird flu died in 2003 about half. Whether this means that the virus has a 50 percent mortality rate is uncertain.Ensure Health Secretary Says testing All First Human Case of the West Nile viral this year in Pennsylvania.

Secretary Johnson is recommended these simple precautions to prevent mosquito bites in particular for those who most at risk and.

That morning I will U.S. Senate Committee U.S. Senate Committee about environmental or Public Works. When I saw the call, received do this, honestly, I was a bit nervous. The topic is? Risks of of poisonous chemicals children? South Health, interesting to interested for a long while, and all the more so following. Three children from to my own In fact, the the last year I studied the interplay of toxic chemicals or human health for a pair of documentary films about CNN. Senate of investigates how to chemicals interfere with child health care in daily life.