FAAN said: midwifery care is essential to improving the health of mothers around the world.

This call to action to governments and organizations to help focus, both nationally and internationally, to ensure the importance of collaboration, that every woman has access to high quality care. ‘.. It is estimated that will help midwives could prevent more than 90 % of all of all maternal and infant mortality ACNM President Melissa Avery, FAAN said: ‘midwifery care is essential to improving the health of mothers around the world.


According to the AP / Times, the district is allocating $ 700,000 annually for needle – exchange programs. The district 300th $ 000 over three years, the largest share of resources to the needle – exchange program, Prevention Works assigned! Needle – exchange programs directed prostitutes and the homeless also financing district, the AP / Times have reported retained. According to a report published last year by the district HIV / AIDS Administration, drug use is the second most common type of HIV transmission in the city, after having unprotected sex. There are about 10,000 IDUs living in the area, the AP / Times reports.Chief, Division of patients are living longer and stay transfusions Complimentary study demonstrates after 2 years at.

MDS is a of cancer in in the bone marrow no enough functioning blood cells, affected 300,000 people worldwide killing 60,000 to 70,000 a year. MDS patients suffer from anemia and exhaustion of and do whole-body blood transfusions so much as twice a month. Repeated transfusions may lead to a toxic buildup called iron overload that damaged the heart of, liver and pancreas and patients ultimately succumb carry of the disease.

In the fields of gastroenterology, hepatology, endoscopy and gastrointestinal surgery For further information , please visit.. About to AGA Institute ofThe American Gastroenterological Association is devoted to the mission of promoting the science and practices gastroenterology Founded in 1897, to AGA any of the earliest medical and professional societies the United States is composed of two non – profit organization. The AGA and to AGA banks – of our more than 16,000 members included physicians and scientists who research, diagnosing and treating diseases of the gastro tract and the liver. To AGA, a 501 organization, managed membership membership and public interests, whereas AGA institutes, a 501 organization, runs to the organization, practice, research and Educational.