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A Ugandan doctor who contracted Ebola while employed in Sierra Leone is currently getting treated at a medical center in Frankfurt. A Senegalese scientist who was simply infected while working for the global world Health Organization in Sierra Leone, provides was and recovered discharged the other day from a hospital in Hamburg. The 1st person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, Thomas Eric Duncan, died Wednesday in Dallas.Their are four paths to do this divine condition in Hinduism. They are: jnana yoga exercises, which is based on knowledge; bhakti yoga exercises, which is based on support to God; karma yoga, which is based on work for God and raja yoga, which is based on psychophysical exercise. Raja yoga exercise, or the ‘Royal Path’, may be the kind of yoga that a lot of Westerners will have heard about and seen. Raja yoga is more prevalent in these West nowadays than at any other period in history. Hinduism offers three principal theistic traditions founded on anthropomorphic gods.