Gilbertson and colleagues predict that the U.

Gilbertson. Medicare pays for care for the vast majority of patients with ESRD, with costs approaching $ 60,000 per year for each patient. .. The results, Dr. Gilbertson and colleagues predict that the U.S. Incidence of ESRD will be about 135,000 in 2015. This number is about 3,000 lower than the previous estimate. For reasons not entirely clear that the incidence of ESRD in recent years has declined, and the updated value accounts for this trend. The predicted prevalence of ESRD in 2015 is estimated at 680,000 – about 33,000 less than the previous estimate. – However, based on a combination of trends – including the aging of the baby boomer population, rising rates of diabetes and kidney disease treatment improvements a better survival rate – the authors project continued rise in the number of Americans affected by ESRD.

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