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$2 million computer will help unravel major medical ailments A federal grant allows Johns Hopkins experts to purchase a robust $2 million computer which will speed up their attempts to find new methods to diagnose and treat brain disease, heart illnesses, cancer and various other medical ailments. The Institute for Computational Medicine, structured at Johns Hopkins’ Homewood campus in Baltimore, will receive among the 20 High-End Instrumentation Grants for 2008 awarded by the National Middle for Research Resources, part of the National Institutes of Health How much tramadol can i give my 100 lb dog? . The one-time grants, today announced, are awarded to support the purchase of advanced equipment costing more than $750,000, machines with the potential to effect an array of biomedical analysis.

Most synthetic biology centers work with bacterial cells, like E. Coli, said Zhao. We will be one of the first to build up new synthetic biology equipment for plant and mammalian cells. It has the chance to create huge scientific advances, like vegetation with better photosynthetic capacities, or gene therapy for diseases like sickle cell anemia and inherited cancers. To do this, the researchers will have to create new technology able to efficiently and cost-effectively construct huge DNA molecules such as pathways and vectors and alter the expression of multiple genes simultaneously within the cells of vegetation and animals-technologies that do not however exist. This is where a lot of the grant money will be directed, said Zhao. These tools have the potential to vastly improve everything from crop yields to quality of life.