Hispanics in U.

Regardless of the study’s limitations, the findings are ‘useful to the extent that they provide us more evidence of the nagging problem,’ Cruz-Flores said. ‘Now is the time to come up with strategies of intervention to decrease the disparities.’.. Hispanics in U.S. Least More likely to Dial 911 for Stroke: – WEDNESDAY, Aug. 12, 2015 – – Less than two-thirds of individuals struggling a stroke in the United States call for crisis assistance, with Hispanics least more likely to perform so, new research finds.Specifically, the researchers wished to determine pollutant levels at the time and place of a child’s birth by using readings from the Environmental Protection Agency . They eliminated other elements such as income, education level and smoking during being pregnant. Exposure to pollutants including diesel particulates, lead, manganese, mercury and methylene chloride provides previously been proven to affect a developing baby’s brain, according to the researchers. They determined females who lived in 20 % of the studied areas with the highest degrees of diesel or mercury air pollution were two times much more likely to have a child with autism when compared to children of moms who lived in the 20 % of locations with the cheapest levels.