In humans are the main regions aT as subcutaneous fat on her hips.

Society for Women’s Health Research 1025 Connecticut Ave. 701 Washington.. In humans are the main regions aT as subcutaneous fat on her hips, buttocks and thighs, while visceral fat is found in deeper deposits of the abdomen. In women. Sex difference in AT distribution, as studies have shown that the storage of AT is connected in visceral depots at a higher risk of CVD in women. In other words, if a woman saves a lot of AT around their waist, she may have an an increased risk of developing CVD. This theory is controversial, and some researchers believe that increased visceral fat is not a risk factor for CVD, but a marker for CVD progression in are the body.

The workshop participants developed three recommendations.First, future research is necessary to adipose tissue to investigate composition and distribution. AT fat stores and responsive to the needs of the body for energy mobilized fat aT also produces chemical signals in the regulation in the regulation of appetite the distribution plays an important role in CVD risk.In cooperation with Dutch biotech firms Prosensa BV, and aided by the domestic and international Duchenne muscular Parent Project, and governmental and welfare fund, van Deutekom and her team are will soon begin a clinical study, based upon intramuscular of a single dose of an antisense drug you to skip skipping exon 51 by of the DMD gene. Six the Netherlands DMD patients from 8 and 16 years with genetic mutations that are be corrected by Skip that in particular exons participate on Old..

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A further study with VPA is to be presented by Professor Aurora Pujol, to the Medical and the Molecular Genetics Centre – IDIBELL and Instituci? Catalana de Recerca i Estudis Avan? Pujol and her team new treatments for new therapies for X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy . Such disease mostly affects single gene for to the X chromosome and most common bequeathed monogenic disease, which injury to to myelin sheath, the isolation nerve cell in brain.