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In the general population, they estimated that the 1 – year prevalence of migraine was 121, while it was 7 oncology .1 for epilepsy and multiple sclerosis , it was 0,, and in the elderly population per the prevalence of Alzheimer ‘s disease in 67 1 was during Parkinson 9With regard to these diseases, which is measured by the speed or the frequency is a measure used per incidence 100th Among them were at 183 stroke, traumatic brain injury is great at 101, spinal cord injury at 4.5 and AS at 1.

In the case of children, Dr Hirtz and colleagues estimated that for every 1,000 children, the prevalence 5.8 for autism spectrum disorders and 2.4 for cerebral palsy. There was not enough data to get a good estimated prevalence for Tourettes give, but she said that when they were asked to guess, they would say it was around 3.000 children.

Develops In coordination with the country’s leading lupus expert, offers the materials of a comprehensive overview of about all aspects of Systemic Lupus.

Despite all his efforts Pikarski acknowledges that people’s reactions the people with MS are is be times frustrating. ‘humans heard that the word MS and you think poor person is is in a wheelchair and with an caning, ‘ ‘tells Pikarski. ‘MS this does not mean powerless helpless or has been deactivated automatic. Chapter understand the emergency that are required, as it applies to their personal fund raising. ‘Someday, I will non possibly be able to such things these things. You never can tell. Such is the nature of this disease. But I can , so I get cooking cook for human , and do I get out and Gulf and money for the NMS, until I may be. ‘.