In the medical phase 1 study.

Clear activity could be demonstrated with the potential to help expand maximize the result by optimizing the dosage program and extending the procedure duration, said Jens-Peter Marschner, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Affimed. These data are promising, in particular since there is no substitute treatment option for sufferers in this setting. A phase 2 study investigating an optimized dosage regimen will become initiated this year. .. Affimed Therapeutics reports additional results from AFM13 phase 1 study in R/R Hodgkin lymphoma Affimed Therapeutics AG announced today further results from its phase 1 clinical trial of AFM13 since monotherapy for the treating patients with advanced relapsing/refractory Hodgkin lymphoma.Diabetes affects more than 24 million Americans. It’s the seventh leading cause of death and the leading reason behind kidney failure, new blindness in adults, and leg/feet amputations unrelated to damage. It is a significant cause of center stroke and disease. The estimated price of diabetes in the U.S. In 2007 was $174 billion. Indirect costs – disability, work loss, premature death – were $58 billion. However, companies and employees can take steps to avoid or control this disease which accounts for 15 million lost work days and 120 million work days with minimal performance per year. ACOEM is committed to providing companies with the assets to accomplish this objective.’ said Barry Eisenberg, ACOEM executive director.