It seems that researchers in the U.

Although he cautions against taking on drinking to trim the waistline, Rohrer says the findings suggest that completely cutting out alcoholic beverages might backfire as a weight-loss plan. The findings are published online in the journal BMC Public Health, December 5, 2005.. A tipple or two a time shall keep you trim A new study suggests that those who have an alcoholic drink or two a time may have a lesser risk of becoming obese than either teetotalers or large drinkers. It seems that researchers in the U.S. Have found that among more than 8,200 U.S. Adults, those who said they enjoyed a glass or two every day had been 54 % not as likely than non-drinkers to be obese. Similarly, those who drank a little more or just a little less had a lesser risk of obesity than teetotalers did.Salmonella poisoning is normally a basic kind of food poisoning, according to WebMD. About 40,000 cases are reported in the U annually.S., although the actual quantity may be much greater, because so many cases go unreported. Symptoms include diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps, and most people recover with no treatment. However already unwell, the young and elderly people are susceptible to the more debilitating ramifications of the illness. To prevent salmonella, wash hands immediately before and after managing raw meat, and cook the meats thorough according to guidelines.

AARP study details price increases of popular drugs The New York Times: AARP Research Says Cost Of Popular Drugs Rose 26 percent The prices of drugs used most widely by older Americans rose by nearly 26 % from 2005 to 2009 -; twice the rate of inflation – nearly; according to a report issued Tuesday by AARP .This article was reprinted from with permission from the Henry J.