Kristine Ensrud.

Establishing these results and the balance of benefits and risks for these agents has required large placebo-controlled trials.2-4 End Points Lateral spine radiographs were obtained at 12, 24, 36, and 60 months, and vertebral fractures were diagnosed if two of three criteria were met: a rise of 1 grade in a 4-point ranking of vertebral deformity from normal to severe , a loss of 20 percent or more and 4 mm or even more in vertebral height, or a qualitative diagnosis of a vertebral fracture.5 Nonvertebral fractures, whatever the amount of trauma but excluding fractures of the skull, face, fingers, and toes, were confirmed by means of radiographic studies.6,7 All women underwent annual mammography and scientific breast examinations.Experts are presenting innovative methods for repairing nerve damage and reporting about their studies on the therapeutic potential of stem cells in dealing with multiple sclerosis. Rhodos, 18 June 2007 – ‘Neurological diseases are more and more widespread across the world, especially in Europe, and incur heavy costs,’ warned Professor Dr. Ioannis Milonas at the annual Congress of the European Neurological Society on the Greek island of Rhodos. ‘Relating to WHO data, neurological diseases and also mental and neurosurgical struggling account for a minimum of 35 % of the health care burden in Europe,’ noted Professor Milonas, head of the Section of Neurology at the University of chairman and Thessaloniki of the ENS Congress. Elaborating on current data, Professor Milonas noted there are about 46 million situations of neurological illnesses such as epilepsy, migraines, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and stroke among the 466 million inhabitants in the EU .