More than half of admissions to pediatric intensive care units are unplanned.

More than half of admissions to pediatric intensive care units are unplanned. Respiratory disease is the second largest cause of admission. They account for about one in four cases and seasonal respiratory infections put extra demands on capacity.

Cell detectives uncover potential cancer cause ofAustralian researchers have a new mutation in stem cells, which can be to the development of leukemia, breast and colon cancers associated revealed.A team guided by Dr. Peter Papathanasiou from the John Curtin led School of Medical Research at the Australian National University and an Associate Professor Andrew Perkins from the Institute for Molecular Bioscience at the University of Queensland have a three-year screening project to the Fund completed the development and the development and turnover of stem cells.An important finding of the new study was the discovery of a novel DNA mutation in the in the c-Myb gene , this gene has previously been linked to a number of different cancers.

‘there is currently no treatment for this group of blood disorders, but the discovery of this mutation provides new possibilities for the investigation.Treating DMME having bevacizumab , medication , an anti – vascular endothelial growth factor , which inhibit abnormal blood vessels , was studied in115 patients out of the Pan-American Collaborative Retina Study Group , led by J. Fernando Arevalo, of in Caracas Central eye Hospital, Venezuela. Within one month of of said first intravitreal bevacizumab injections, improve may be detected. To the end the 24 – months follow-up period, 51.8 per cent vision to of eyes of, 1 % of the eyes had improved, was either stable or improved. No serious adverse effects occured.

Over the last ten years, less noninvasive phacoemulsification way cataract surgery complications is generally reduce but the effects on diabetic retinopathy is unclear. A clinic cohort study by Jie Jin Wang, at the Center for vision Research resulted followed University of Sydney, Australia, 169 diabetes patients ages 65 years and over for 12 month mail – cataract surgery is. Forty-five of these patients was. A surgery in only one eye of progression. DR or substantially a third of the operated eyes designed compared by progressed about one fifth of the non-operated eyes. In the 45 patients where other eye comparison with were made, DR advanced search to 35.6 % of operated eyes vs 20 % of non – operated eyes.