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The state programs to invest $26 million between the 2006 supplemental spending budget and the 2007-2009 spending budget proposed by Gregoire on HPV and rotavirus vaccines. Washington State Department of Wellness spokesperson Tim Church stated the state plans to buy 143,000 HPV vaccine doses annually, or more than enough to vaccinate 47,000 girls. Secretary of Health Mary Selecky the other day said she hopes doses of Gardasil will be available by late springtime .Transplant candidates should undergo careful screening for pores and skin cancers before they receive a transplant, the researchers said. It’s possible that some melanomas may be present at the time of transplant and begin to spread aggressively when patients start taking immunosuppressive drugs, Robbins noted. Close monitoring for melanoma after a transplant is also important so that the disease could be caught at a youthful, more treatable stage, she added.. Deadly Skin Cancer More Common in Organ Transplant Recipients: Study: – MONDAY, Aug.