Nectar is a pioneer of new applications for PEGylation platform technology best for male power.

Nectar is a pioneer of new applications for PEGylation platform technology, including the PEGylation of small molecules to blood-brain barrier to the first product the first product that the company is developing NKTR of this platform best for male power .-118 which applies the company’s advanced PEGylation technology for opioid-induced constipation, address a debilitating side effect of opioid treatments. In addition, Nektar Advanced PEGylation technology naloxol, a derivative of the opioid antagonist naloxone medicament. A Phase 1 study indicates that NKTR-118 may alleviate the alleviate the constipation side effect of opioids without affecting the analgesic properties of opioids in the central nervous system have by reducing blood-brain barrier penetration.

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