OHSU School of Medicine.

Wang is also a post-doctoral researcher in the Division of Medical computer science and clinical epidemiology, OHSU School of Medicine. By a by a National Institutes of Health National Library of Medicine post-doctoral fellowship in biomedical computer science.

Conditional survival is a statistical system to take into account the age when the patient was diagnosed with cancer and the time elapsed since diagnosis. The new Web-browser software tool, called the regression model to calculate a patient’s conditional survival for the patient’s age, gender, race and location of the tumor, stage and aggressiveness is based.The study, done in partnership with Clemson the Centers of Economic Excellence into Urban Ecology and sustainable development of and the town in Charleston evaluates the change of use an existing building for is a vertical Farm House, powering it with a wind and solar of energy and use of extended monitor CyberLink infrastructures and the environment and computer science to operate the courtyard through the inclusion of Intelligent flow of cyberinfrastructure network that provides real -time remote data collection provides.

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