Poorly controlled diabetes the risk of complications the risk of complications such as stroke sildenafil citrate.

Poorly controlled diabetes the risk of complications the risk of complications such as stroke, heart and kidney disease, blindness and amputations sildenafil citrate . Premature death and disability preventable preventable complications are the major costs associated with diabetes and can be used for an estimated 5 percent-10 percent of a nation’s total health budget.[2] Approximately one third of surveyed patients reported diabetes complications. In fact, up to one out of ten patients said they admitted to the hospital at least once in the last twelve months because of their diabetes or diabetes complications, where the hospital was usually between four and seven days. The most common complications reported were loss of vision / eye problems, loss of sensation in the feet and high blood pressure. In addition, the survey showed that about 15 % of patients surveyed were not aware that poor HbA1c control complications complications and up to 44 % of patients surveyed were not aware of their target HbA1c levels. – ‘These results reinforce our current thinking, from a social and economic point of view , there is a role for all of us to act now, to slow the epidemic of diabetes of our patients ensuring the right level of education and care, disease more effectively. Their disease is an important step in this process, ‘said Professor Anthony Barnett, survey steering panel member and professor of medicine, University of Birmingham, ‘The survey results also that it is important clinicians clinicians new treatment protocols Rate to ensure that our patients receive the most effective and appropriate treatment as early as possible in order to achieve glycemic targets and prevent its complications before to develop it. ‘.

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