Q: What does DHS want with 450 million S.

Q: What does DHS want with 450 million S. That ammunition should be used against the American people. – Do the math: That’s almost two balls for every man, woman and child in America – all in the hands of a government agency, you should spy on your fellow citizens because they could be terrorists, says the message is clear. Good government, citizens are poor and DHS feels it needs 450 million rounds of hollow point ammo to to keep the American people in line apparently For what other purpose would be so much hollow point ammo to be purchased.

It is a fantastic thing and I am sure that we all enjoy so much!. In a recent interview on the Alex Jones Show, author James Wesley Rawles survival () warned that any government attempts to to disarm the American public would be devastating, and at the end of in a catastrophic failure. The American people are already armed to the teeth, and they get even more armed by the day. Attorney General Attorney General Eric Holder has with Janet Napolitano conspired to ban the Second Amendment by guns in Mexico and the guilt of the resulting force of arms try to lawful gun owners That is (the whole Fast and Furious fiasco.

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