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The report, which is based on World Health Corporation statistics, was released Thursday at the XVII International AIDS Meeting in Mexico City. According to the survey, of the 33 million HIV-positive people worldwide, only 314,394 have already been tested for TB, and of those screened, more than one in four were found to have energetic TB . People coping with HIV are 50 times more likely than HIV-negative people to develop TB, and without medicine, 90 percent typically will die within a few months, according to WHO data. None of the world’s three largest HIV/Helps donors – – the Global Fund To Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria; the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Comfort; and the World Bank – – requires mandatory TB testing for HIV-positive individuals .Sankaran to get Rising Celebrity AwardSalman Nusrat, MD, University of Oklahoma Wellness Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Cook Medical Don Wilson Awards The Don Wilson Award provides advanced fellows or junior faculty with the opportunity to train outside of their home nation with a premier GI endoscopist or group to advance their schooling. The award was named to honor the late Dr. Don Wilson, a strong advocate and supporter of international education and training in GI endoscopy. The awards are underwritten by a grant from Make Medical. Shahzad Iqbal, MD, Winthrop University Medical center, Mineola, New York Daniel Popa, MD, Polisano Clinic, Sibiu, Romania Chirag Shah, MD, King Edward VII Memorial Medical center, Mumbai, India Make Medical Marsha Dreyer Awards Marsha Dreyer was passionately committed to the support of continuing education opportunities for GI experts around the globe.